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The Ensemble

The Ensemble inspires change through innovative, movement-based, multi-arts performance on stage that examines social and personal issues of our time.

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Moving Matters!

The Moving Matters! Residency Program brings movement-based multi-arts residencies into schools and educational institutions through collaborative multi-arts projects designed to be age appropriate (Grades 1- high school).

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Bridging Boundaries

The Bridging Boundaries Arts Intervention Program uses arts intervention coupled with social work, to bridge the forced separations of populations affected by incarceration.

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Governor Malloy Visits!

On Tuesday, March 22, Governor Malloy took time to visit JDPP’s open rehearsal of Brave in a New World. After enjoying some of the new pieces Governor Malloy spoke to the performers, which include 6 women who were previously incarcerated, about his Second Chance legislative proposals that build on his efforts to continue reducing the state’s historically low crime rate while helping nonviolent offenders successfully reintegrate into society.

In My Shoes Coming to University of Connecticut!

On Tuesday, April 26, 2016 In My Shoes powerful message of hope and perseverance will be shared with students from UCONN and the general public as JDPP presents their groundbreaking performance piece!

A post-performance talk led by Dworin with the performers will invite audience questions and discussion of criminal and social justice, strengths-based intervention programs in prisons and the community, and the role of the arts as agents of change.  Read more

Parkville 20th

Judy Dworin Performance Project is pleased to announce the 20th Anniversary of Moving Matters! Parkville

Wednesday, May 4, 2016 at 10:30 a.m. at Trinity College’s Ferris Athletic Center in the Oosting Gym, 1017 Broad Street, Hartford, CT

This joyous performance celebrates the collaboration between Judy Dworin Performance Project, Parkville Community School, and Trinity College that brings movement-based, multi-arts projects to Hartford school children.

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What People Are Saying

Henry Timms
Founder of #GivingTuesday
“Judy Dworin Performance Project uses the arts to rehumanize people…& remember those forgotten.”

Governor Dannel P. Malloy
Governor of Connecticut
After Governor Malloy attended the performance of Windows at York CI with First Lady and Greater Hartford Arts Council Executive Director Cathy Malloy, the Governor acknowledged the women for their courage in sharing their stories and concluded by saying that ” …in your writings, in your speech, in your dance, in your overall performance–you reflect the humanity that is within each of you and within a broader society…congratulations on your success in this performance…and thank you, Judy (Dworin).”

Sharma Howard
Hartford Courant
“In some ways, Dworin represents the Connecticut dance scene today, sailing in many different directions, finding voice and purpose in uncharted territory.”

Carol Terry
Director of the Greater Hartford Dance Umbrella
Tonight’s performance of The Witching Hour was truly exceptional. You all reminded us that dance is ephemeral unless we keep doing it..….The audience was captivated, holding its breath for the next movement of dancers in this new space, seamlessly breathing together and each breath and movement contributed meaningfully to the telling of this story. And we all breathed in the spoken and sung words as part of the magic of movement. Read more